Sheet Music

     Street Corner Symphony are now selling some of our favourite arrangements for download. Sheet music is sold entirely online, so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY below to make sure you understand the process and conditions before you purchase. There are no refunds for sheet music purchases!

How to Order

      Sheet Music transactions are done separately from any other merchandise or download purchases from our store. All scores purchased are delivered as PDF files via email ONLY. We do not ship any scores via post. Most orders are completed within 24 hours of purchase, but due to occasional firewall, spam filter, and band touring issues, please allow up to one week for your scores to be delivered to your inbox.
     Your order will be delivered via email as two PDF files (per score). The first file is a master copy of the score. The second file is your license certificate (indicating the number of copies you have purchased--i.e., the number of copies you are licensed to print before you must reorder).

What is a License Certificate?

     We use a License Certificate system for copying scores for rehearsal and performance from one master copy of the score. Just as a choir of 30 would have to purchase 30 copies of an octavo if they wanted to perform a piece, a choir of 30 would need to purchase 30 copies of one of our arrangements. However, because our arrangements are digital files, we do not need to send you 30 copies of the same PDF. This allows ensembles to still use digital files, but it prevents the situation in which a director would have to violate copright law by photocopying scores. At the time of ordering, you tell us how many copies your ensemble will need, and the price is calculated based on that number. You are then given a license to print your master score that number of times before you must reorder from us.

Why do you have minimum order amounts?

      Simply put, we sing one person on a part. Because of this, it's simply not possible to perform these arrangements with less than a certain number of people (which can vary, depending on the song). Some people wish to purchase scores simply to sing along with a recording or to study the arrangement, and that's fine, but far more people attempt to buy a License for a single copy and then xerox it for their ensemble. These arrangements are SCS's intellectual property, and any violation of your License Certificate is against the law and will be taken seriously. So, unfortunately, this means we have to hold fast on minimum order amounts.